The fact that I couldn't use the other word in the title proves my point.

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Disclaimer: Hate speech, discrimination, online bullying and purposely making people feel bad are wrong. That is not the intent of this article. However, if you are an easily damaged flower, then please do not read this. Go find something sugar-coated to suck on instead.

Everyone is turning into pansies. Wimps. Cry-babies.

Humanity is turning into soft lumps of easily offended flesh, with limited physical endurance, low brain power, and no emotional fortitude.

None of us make it out alive

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I know you suspect the truth: You will only live so long. Then, suddenly, it’s tits up. Spending time on the wrong side of the dirt. Sayonara, baby. No longer pass go.

“Death means change our clothes. Clothes become old, then time to come change. So…

Explore your potential and level up

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Meditate! You hear it all the time, read about it, have friends pushing it on you. But what is it really good for? Is it worth all the effort?

1. Learn to Focus

Willpower is something you…

Does it feel like you’re in the fight of your life — with your own brain?

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When you fight against an external problem, everything seems straightforward. You can see the enemy and work to get around, or through, or over it.

All that’s missing are face-huggers.

Army of The Dead — Netflix

A zombie-heist film. What’s that? Are zombies robbing banks? Nope. Are crooks stealing zombies? Maybe...

*Spoiler Alert*

There are some similarities between “Aliens” and “Army of the…

Your attitude colors your world

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All we hear about these days is the haters. They hate masks, hate government, hate immigrants, and hate anyone who isn’t identical to them. All of that anger and fear makes them buy into all the whacko conspiracies they find on Farcebook.

Mindfulness doesn’t have to wait for perfect times.

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There will never be a better time to meditate than today. It doesn’t matter that it’s too loud, or that you aren’t in solitude, or you don’t have beautiful surroundings. Meditation doesn’t require a forest, a beach, or a pristine wilderness location.

Everywhere Is a Temple When You Realize Your True Nature

There are different kinds and depths of meditation. Of course you can…

Algorithm secrets that could get you killed

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I have alternative explanations for why you aren’t getting those views. And they have nothing to do with posting religiously every day, increasing your writing skills, how many followers you have, or whether you sacrifice live pizza to the medium-sized gods.

But how do you stay “motivated” long enough to get there?

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To manifest: to make thoughts materialize in the real world. And this isn’t some woo-woo idea. I manifested this article you’re reading right now. I made something appear out of nothing, with the power of my thoughts.

What Do You Want To Bring Out Of Nothing?

Maybe you want to, need to, write that book. Get…

Don’t let your life speed by like a monkey on a jetski

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Do you feel like there’s never enough time? Is your life flying by so fast that the days are blending for you into one big blur?

Tim Ebl

Writer, Meditation Instructor, Laser Beam Repairman. Author of the book: 90-Day Meditation Challenge.

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