They need your love — let them know you care.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a mental health expert. I’m just a parent doing the best I can. If you’re struggling with an issue like this, please seek counseling, and remember to avoid being harmful! This story was approved by the trans person I have in my life.

Text: “Dad, can you call me? I need to tell you something.”

Uh oh. A voice call. You know it’s serious when your kid won’t say it in a text in this era. Preparing for the worst, you send back “Sure.” Then you wait a couple of moments to mentally prepare yourself for the…

Ask and you shall receive. Overthink it and lose your chance.

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It can be hard to go after what you want. If you have a dream but are stuck at the starting line, how can you get moving and see some results? Maybe the secret you’re looking for is to make 10 seriously bold attempts at your goal.

Think about where you want to be in life, and how you’ll feel if you stay stuck at a mediocre level. Do you want to overthink it, hesitate, and never reach your goals? Or would you rather jump in with both feet and give it your best shot?

Boldness Will Get You Further Than Intelligence

Being bold can level the…

Why star in a horror show when you could jump into a swashbuckling adventure instead?

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The stories we tell ourselves set the tone of our life journey. But usually, these stories get handed to us by someone else. That’s why we aren’t all living the “Choose Your Own Adventure” life. The outside world jams your narrative into your head and expects you to live it.

If you follow someone else’s plan, happiness is just an accident. But you can improve your odds of living a life you enjoy by choosing your own stories. You probably never thought of it that way, did you?

Have you ever been told by an expert that you’re screwed, you’ll…

If you’re a grown-up, you’re in charge now. Maybe it’s time to move on.

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Parents aren’t perfect. Some are better than others at raising happy, healthy children. How did your parents do?

Things aren’t always rosy at home. In the US in 2018, there were 677,529 reported child victims of maltreatment. How many went unreported?

Other well-meaning parents thought tough-love or authoritarian parenting was normal, but it wasn’t a healthy way to treat their kids. It causes bullying, drug use, and depression in many cases.

Social services never investigated my parents for what went on in my home, although by today’s standards, someone would have gone to jail, and I would have been placed…

The world needs more of you. Figure out how to give it to them and everyone wins.

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Imbue your life with a sense of purpose, and you’ll have a reason to get up early every day. But without a mission, there’s no real reason to bother. What will stop you from coasting through life like an unopened Christmas present that gets thrown in the trash? Choose your own adventure.

Wait. Did I just suggest that you can give your own life meaning? That you, yourself, do the giving, rather than wait for your purpose to fall on you from the sky?

Yes, you identify your purpose. Not me, not the government, not religion, not your parents. You.

Tools to help you deal with dark times.

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Life happens. Sometimes things spiral out of your control and all you can do is watch while your world burns. There’s nothing you can do to change that.

What we can do is affect our own reactions to these experiences. There will be a time at that moment where you don’t have many choices and it overwhelms you. But eventually, you can stand up and look the world in the eye, or you can run with your tail between your legs.

Last week, I had an external event totally take over my life. Fortunately, I came out safe and healthy…

All you need is cardboard and a dream

illustration by Author via Canva

This couple built their own tiny home from 100% recycled materials in less than a day. Their highly portable design lets them situate their new house nearly anywhere and gives them ultimate freedom from the rat race.

“We decided to go with recycled cardboards instead of traditional lumber boards,” Daryl Lect told us. “All you need is scissors, glue, and tape. And you can get all the building supplies you need behind any big store in the dumpster!”

Cost breakdown:

  • Building materials — free
  • Tape, glue — $10
  • Scissors — $4
  • Dumpster diving behind Walmart — priceless

‘I know what…

You can’t force your loved ones to get better, but you can support them.

Image by Author via Canva

Do you know anyone who could star in the show Hoarders? When I watched it for the first time, the program brought back painful memories of my childhood.

I grew up in a hoarder house. My mom and dad have a mental illness that prevents them from living a clean, clutter-free life.

We lived on a small farm, and the entire property was littered with things they couldn’t bear to get rid of. From old vehicles to broken farm machinery to bags of household garbage, they kept it all.

Inside our house, we had to walk through pathways between stacks…

Who you hang out with determines your success levels in life.

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Did you end up with friends by sheer happenstance and proximity, or did you select the people in your life that deserved to be there? It’s worth wondering how many of them are actually good for you.

If you’re like most of us, you encountered some random people and then just folded them into your life. Then eventually, they made it into your inner circle.

Anything you do on purpose can be better than whatever “just happens.” Think of how you meet most people. I bet it was through work or school because they happened to share a class or…

It’s one in a melon!

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

For Sale:

One hatchback watermelon wagon. Bright yellow, high-vis safety paint. Everyone will see you coming and have plenty of time to get out of the way in-case the brakes fail again.

Some minor scratches, but no rust.

This car can really move melons! If you gotta get your fruit on the road and need a sweet ride, look no farther. You can dodge down the street with this baby overloaded to the max and never run into trouble.

It’s got all these premium options:

  • Door hinges
  • Custom, pre-stressed, baby-bottom-smooth tires on sturdy metal rims
  • Melon holdback plank
  • Battery
  • No assembly required!

Tim Ebl

Writer, Meditation Instructor, Laser Beam Repairman. Author of the book: 90-Day Meditation Challenge.

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