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I don’t really repair laser beams. That’s just a cover story for my Real Life.

I actually do writing and adventuring. I’m an author and meditation instructor who spends plenty of time in the great outdoors.

You can find my Table Of Contents here. Most of my work collected in one place for easy reference.

More About Tim Ebl The Writer

I watch B movies on purpose. I’m not always deadly serious about things. I like the funny in life. Things can get crazy in my head.

I’m not a Flat Earther. But if you are, I won’t hold it against you — much.

One day I realized that I was feeling peaceful instead of anxious. Relationships were working for me. I didn’t feel doomed. I felt peaceful.

face of a sculpture of the Buddha meditating
face of a sculpture of the Buddha meditating
Photo by S. Hermann & F. Richter on Pixabay

Have you heard of mantras and wondered what they were or how to use them? They sound like a mysterious secret trick used by monks deep within their mountain retreats. This is partially true.

Mantras have been used by different traditions throughout the world, from shamans to Christianity to Buddhism. Some of the earliest mantras were recorded in Vedic Sanskrit in India.

In those times, not everyone had access to meditation as a tool to improve their lives. Now the secrets are easier to unlock. …

How a good run boosts my writing

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Image by 愚木混株 from Pixabay

When I left my driveway, I was still a little frustrated about the chapter I was working on. I knew it wasn’t coming out right. It felt awkward, a bit lame, verging on stupid. I couldn’t figure out how to keep going. I was stuck going round and round but writing nothing.

Fortunately, it was time for a run. I put it out of my mind and got my gear on. It was a warm morning, the air still and calm. Traffic was light this Monday morning.

I got one foot in front of the other, and began. It didn’t start out smoothly. My neck felt stiff. The first few minutes I was still frustrated and annoyed. But after 10 minutes, I was starting to hit my zone. …

These Marvel tidbits might keep you up late at night.

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Image: Marvel Studios

What is really going on in the new show Wandavision? After the first 2 episodes, we have a lot of hints but no solid answers. Let’s put all our clues in a pile and stir them around. Maybe we can get to the bottom of this!

Spoiler alert: Here there be spoilers.

Wandavision starts with our couple moving into a house in the quaint suburban town of Westview. They pull in as newlyweds, cans dragging behind their car, and start their 1950’s style sitcom life: just a stay-at-home-wife and a working man. Everything is in black and white.

Everything is not as it seems. First, how is Vision here? …

Updated triweekly in a most surreptitious fashion by medium-sized time-traveling elves

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Image by yohan whitte from Pixabay

Welcome to my Table of Contents! This is a collection of most of my work in one place.

If it isn’t on this page, I left it out cause reasons. I probably am a little red-faced about the quality and hope you never see it, even though it’s still around here somewhere cause I didn’t want to delete it, so let's just forget about that stuff, and please don’t dig through my timeline… Look! (Points to the left to distract you) What in the world could that be?

The Algorithm Likes These Ones So You Might Too

I might have misled you. The algorithm doesn’t like Skolcrod’s Super Easy Organic Vegan Hot Sauce Recipe. For some reason, no one reads it. It’s my favorite, so I put it right near the top in an attempt to get you to read that sucker. …

See the future in the rearview mirror while we zoom forward into the past

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Image by Patricio González from Pixabay

The genre of time travel is deep and wide. It spreads through adventure, mystery, hard science fiction, historical romance, fantasy, humor and social commentary.

Do you like books about time travel? Then you’re in the right place. I collected some amazing chronologically inventive novels into a list just for you.

This is my list of the top 10 time travel books of all time. Someone soft in the head once said that no time travel list would be complete without The Time Machine, by H. G. Wells. Well, we’ll see about that!

10. “Roadmarks” — Roger Zelazny (1979)

A road runs from the distant past into the far future. If you have the right genetics, or the right technology, or both, you can travel this road. …

Your most important tool is yourself, so take care of it.

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Photo / Tima Miroshnichenko / Pexels

Do you work from home? If you joined thousands of others that moved their work lives into their apartments and houses, then you know the challenges of staying productive and motivated enough to get the job done.

You might use more willpower to work from home than those that go to an office or workplace. There’s no boss enforcing your day-to-day routine. It can leave you mentally worn out.

It’s easy to flop on the couch and turn on the game system or zone out in front of the blinky box after you get your tasks done. …

Laid off or fired — It sucks but it isn’t the end

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Photo / PDPics / Pixabay

It happened. You got the ax. You don’t have a job to go to every day.

Now what?

You could just sit around all day without pants while you search for the bottom of the Netflix barrel. Your day-long-mind-numbing binge marathons would be legendary, even in hell!

You could eat your weight in cheese.

These are great options. Especially the cheese. But once you’ve destroyed your digestive tract, it’s time to face facts. You need to keep occupied with more meaningful things than pants-less cheese binges in front of the blinky box.

Keep your chin up. Don’t lose hope. If you can’t stay positive and focused, you won’t be attractive to anyone. This includes prospective employers, your spouse, or new romantic partners. …

Secrets to John Wick success anyone can use, even hit-men

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Photo / Emma Watson / mepixels

John Wick is a violent assassin who shoots people in the face. But that doesn’t mean that he has nothing to teach us about a successful, productive life.

The John Wick movie franchise isn’t for everyone. It features a lot of bloody shooting sprees where countless assassins fall to the bullets and fists of the ultimate killing machine, played by Keanu Reeves.

Oh, and he likes dogs.

You are probably familiar with the movies and the storyline. No spoilers here. A retired hitman is trying to live peacefully after his wife passes away. …

Just write more, dammit.

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Photo / enriquelopezgarre / Pixabay

You just completed your masterpiece. It’s a beauty, shiny and new.

As you carry it out to a medium-sized beach, you dream of hundreds of views and reads. Responses. Accolades. Curated viral take-off.

You are winning at life.

You carefully place the new story on the sand where you think readers will spot it and pick it up. Perfect! Then you back away and wait.

But readers aren’t what shows up today. It’s a flock of seagulls. They drop their white bombs.

A big gob of nope lands smack-dab in the middle of your story.

Now no one will read it, you think. My work is ruined. …


Tim Ebl

Author ︱Adventurer︱Mindful Mentor︱Laser Beam Repairman

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